10 Disastrous Pranks and Stunts

‘Hey Everybody, I need Amanda Hugankiss’ (dictionary.com)

Fhat Sam’s Epic Roof Jump Fail

Fhat Sam’s painful fall from grace (youtube)

War of The Worlds Panic

The printed press’s hyperbolic reaction to the fabled broadcast reflected its fear of the rise of radio (sites.google.com)

Evel Knievel Canyon Jump

Knievel mounts his ‘Skycycle’ (youtube)

Times Reporter Triggers Bargain Fever


Chili Eating Burns Hole in Throat

‘I can handle a slightly spicy pepper!’ Wrong. (dailymail.co.uk)

Radio Station Prank-call Ends in Nurse’s Suicide

What was supposed to be a harmless prank on Kate Middleton ended in suicide for nurse Jacintha Saldanha. (left) (mirror.co.uk)

Bloody End to Tiger Performance

‘Ya, it’s fine, 230kg apex predators love me‘ (usatoday.com)

Radio Station Game Leaves Three with Frostbite


Poor Water Gag Scares Residents


Train Crash for Publicity

Moment of impact (youtube.com)

I love to learn new facts and insight to better understand this crazy world we live in. Let me do what I can to distract you from your life’s drudgery.

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