And then you go on to ask me to account for the narrow mindedness of other men who might criticise women for showing cleavage?

Well don't smear me with other people's narrow mindedness just because we both have the same genitalia in common. That circles round nicely to my original point to the author that ascribing negative behaviour to a whole gender is not only toxic, it belies a poor understanding of human nature.

There is also a very big difference as well between saying someone hasn't suffered from racism/ sexism and saying all whites/men are prejudiced.

You and the author seem to be working on this flawed line of logic that if a sexist/chauvinist/racist would do such and such a negative behaviour then if anyone does that behaviour they are by default a sexist/chauvinist/racist/whatever. Madam, you would benefit from taking a course in Critical Thinking, you really would:

I love to learn new facts and insight to better understand this crazy world we live in. Let me do what I can to distract you from your life’s drudgery.

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