The story of when King George I adopted a feral child from the forests of Germany into his royal court.

Left: the painting which would reveal so much about Peter, and, right: Peter lived to an old age (

Why a friendly, sociable local killed 12 people is a mystery …or is it?

The route of Derrick Bird’s shooting slalom (

The Shooting Rampage

Read about how the Wuppertal Schwebebahn came to be and its 120 years of service.


Railway from The Future

The story of Chris Foster, the man who committed familicide rather than face the bailiffs.

Osbaston House after the fire (

Shed a tear for three British aristocrats, with their millions of pounds and stately homes, who suffered such misfortune, one might barely even recognise them from commoners.

The 13th Duke of Manchester poses in his noble regalia, and in court for fraud charges in 2013. The family home, Kimbolton Castle, had to be sold off (

Angus Montagu, 12th Duke of Manchester

Tiny Lundy isle has sheltered rebels, eccentrics and even a band of Barbary pirates. This is the story of Lundy’s rich history.

This tiny isle may not look much but Lundy is packed with history (

Read about the worst that Mother Nature has thrown at Britain

The Aberfan Landslide of 1966 (


Some towns are so closely linked to some of the world’s most popular foods and drinks they even share the same name. Here we take a look at them and find out why these places are such meccas for foodies and connoisseurs.

Cheddar, UK

West Country Farmhouse Cheddar

The story of the hero policeman who sniffed out trouble to save the lives of his neighbours.

House demolished by the gas explosion (

My experience of the Czechs and Prague after five years as an expat.

Prague, its many charms and ubiquitous Soviet-era trams (

The Czech Republic

Alasdair Lea

I love to learn new facts and insight to better understand this crazy world we live in. Let me do what I can to distract you from your life’s drudgery.

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