10 Most Wicked Aristocrats in History

10 Aristocrats who were responsible for such horrid crimes they’ll give you nightmares.

Emperor Qianfei

Cruel Qianfei (thehistoryofchina.wordpress.com)
Attila (express.co.uk)

King Leopold II of Belgium

The King and the Congolese who suffered for his greed (oddhistorian.com)

Emperor Caligula


Tamerlane the Great

Tamarlane was reviled for the quotas of heads he demanded of his conquered foe (historycollection.com)


Phararis’ legendary Bronze Bull (greecehighdefinition.com)

Ivan the Terrible


Elizabeth Bathory


Gilles de Rais

de Rais’ gruesome crimes discovered (meisterdrucke.uk)

Vlad the Impaler

Vlad once feasted in front of thousands of his impaled, dying victims (kissfacts.com0

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