10 Facts about The Largest Animal to Ever Exist — The Blue Whale

These 10 jaw-dropping facts show just what massive proportions it has.

1. A giant among giants

Man and ocean giant (dailymail.co.uk)

2. Deep breath!

3. Can you hear my heart beating?

Blue Whale heart (reddit.com)

4. Skin deep

Blue Whale’s expanded throat (nwf.org)

5. No time (or capacity) for tears

A Blue Whale’s tiny eyes are mere grapefruit sized (bbcearth.com)

6. Sound you out

7. Big mouth

8. Turning up the heat

9. Thirsty babies

10. Population counts

The once thriving whaling industry (nhm.ac.uk)

I love to learn new facts and insight to better understand this crazy world we live in. Let me do what I can to distract you from your life’s drudgery.

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